When PWN ZAGREB launched 2016 as the 26th City Network of a Global PWN we have envisioned ourselves contributing to the one vision of PWN Global, bigger than ourselves: ADVANCING THE WAY WE WORK. TOGETHER. Believing in a united approach to advancing the way we work, together – Women and Men, we welcomed the opportunity to collaborate, co-promote and co-create so we achieve our mutual objectives with more ease and speed.

Seeing is believing, experiencing for oneself even more so, so we’ve conducted a pilot to test our Mentoring program. Over the course of 2 months, 12 remarkable professionals have entered our Pilot Mentoring Program and shared their experiences in the panel “The Power of Mentorship” in May.

Now, after everything we learned, we are launching our Mentoring program in full motion. 6 mentoring couples will receive a mentoring training in a full day workshop in October and enjoy the chance to share experiences, network and to help a (wo)man progress in his/her career.

Mentoring is universally recognized as one of the most powerful tools of personal development of both a Mentor as a Leader and a Mentee as a Leader to be. 

Here is a first hand experience from one of the mentees, Željka:

“I was thrilled to have the opportunity to apply for participation in the PWN mentorship program. Entrepreneurship became my personal and professional priority several years ago and there is much I still have to learn in that area. The area of particular interest for me and also the most challenging area is that of finance. Tamara Mačašović turned out to be a perfect choice for my mentor. Thanks to her very concrete advice, she helped me transform my “I eat at home“ business service idea and raise it up to a completely new level of ready-to-eat meals production. My new business plan was examined by the top financial expert during our meetings and her personal support deserves to be mentioned as well. Thank you, Tamara!”

And what Tamara said about her experience as a mentor?

“Due to my experience, I liked the idea of participating in the PWN mentoring pilot project. As soon as I have met Željka, I realized that she was full of ideas and energy and that she wants to develop, both personally and professionally. The time we spent together in the course of our mentor/mentee relationship was quite informal but, in my opinion, rewarding for both of us. Željka’s vision was inspiring as well as her openness and willingness to look at business challenges from different perspectives. I am thrilled by Željka who is, in my opinion, a perfect example of a capable young entrepreneur as well as by her courage in the decision-making process. I feel privileged that I have had the opportunity to help Željka and I wish her all the best in the future.”

Our Nadja participated in the mentoring program as well as a mentee:

“I liked Sanja as soon as I first met her as a member of the PWN Zagreb. She was professional, kind, brave and, at the same time, reasonable and competent. I was very happy when she applied to serve as a mentor in our project and even happier when she was chosen to be my mentor. Apart from instantly taking a liking to each other, Sanja works in the field I am very interested in and which is completely new to me. During the pilot project, Sanja and I met five times and, apart from talking about the industry, we also spoke about leadership and personal development. Although I had expected Sanja to concentrate fully on my weak points and areas I must work on, I was surprised by the fact that she helped me realize my strong points. All in all, I gained far more than I had expected, and I hope that as a mentor and as a friend Sanja will continue to be by my side both in my professional and my personal endeavors.”

Stay tuned for more information and until then enjoy the photo gallery from our panel about Mentorship.