VP Marketing

Her area of expertise is behavioral design, business storytelling and agile project management. In a nutshell, she  explores what influences human irrational behavior and makes it so predictably irrational. Her work is at the intersection of psychology, technology, research and business. Her background is branding, marketing and communication with leading media companies in Croatia and the region such as RTL, NOVA TV, CNN and other Turner companies.  And her current work playground is in agile teams of creative and aspiring professionals in Hrvatski Telekom.

Others consider her as the one bringing order into chaos and making sure s*** gets done. As a kid, she loved to cook in her imaginary restaurant using locally sourced and home-grown ingredients such as mud, gravel, grass etc., resulting in inedible dishes borderline with health hazardous. Yet she planned to become a writer. Today she has her own restaurant August and enjoys reading in the time between Hrvatski Telekom, August, PWN, family and friends.

She wishes she knew before that there is no shortcut to any place worth going to. Discipline and love – the north stars to follow to succeed in work and life, being one and the same. These north stars she follows in PWN as well because she truly believes that we can only advance the way we work together, diverse individuals, men and women and if we can think it, we can speak about it and do it. 

Her ideal Board would have Simon Sinek as CEO and a fine selection of  PWN members as Board members. Also, if you give her some eggs and milk, access to her pantry and garden,you will get a 4 course meal.