VP Programming and Communication

She is a non-tech person in the tech world, life-long learner, travel & wine lover, a believer in the benefits of equality and a hater of writing short bios. MBA and a co-founder in an AI startup airt.

Focus, diligence, intuition, wisdom, tenacity, flexibility, constant education, and self-improvement are values she believes are important for success. If she could talk to her younger self she would tell her that failure is not the end of the world, it’s just a learning experience. No point in stressing way too much over things, as they always work out, this way or another. Not taking things personally makes life much easier. When she was little, she never had a favorite toy, she could play with everything and anything, her own imagination was her best toy. Besides her imagination, empathy and loyalty are basic parts of her core. As are cheese and milk basic ingredients of her fridge. If she is not working, she can be found reading a good book or watching a good movie, having a chat, laugh, and a glass of wine with her friends, and every now and then, unfortunately not often enough, painting. 

She loves PWN because she wants to show how equality and diversity benefit everyone through many successful examples that were already implemented. She wants to inspire and empower our members and show them that change *is* possible if each and every one of us takes a step towards it. 

When she started talking about starting a local PWN network with other co-founders, they discussed for almost a year on what they want to do and how to communicate it. They were firm on a couple of things: “We wanted to truly promote equality based on merits, regardless of gender (despite us being a ‘women’s network’) and we wanted to do it in a positive way. Yes, we do acknowledge that throughout history, and today still, women find themselves in less favorable positions and can have fewer career opportunities than men just due to their gender. However, we don’t think we can solve that issue by b**ching (pardon my French) about it and portraying men as enemies, but by having an open and honest dialogue and working hand in hand with them on jointly changing the world. By really standing behind the PWN’s slogan – Advancing the way we work. Together.”