Event Director

When you meet Ines, first association that comes to your mind is organisation. She was born and raised in Zagreb and although her path took various professional and personal directions, one thing stayed the same – her passion for organisation, hosting and events. Ines is a photography designer, she finished highschool for applied art and design. While photography remained her love and there is no day when she doesn’t take a photo, her professional path took her to quite a journey in finance. A foreign broker company owned partly by Hypo Alpe Adria Bank offered her a job. She went on to accept, but after some time they offered her to permanently transfer to work in the bank itself. She remembers her reaction still – she told them that she doesn’t know how she will do it, that she is bad at math, but they encouraged her anyhow. In the end, she stayed with them for 12 years. Ines loves to say that this to her is proof that a person can really do anything, only if he/she really wants it.

Although she worked in finance, marketing team always “borrowed” her for events organisation, product launches and similar due to her love for events. After taking on additional education for management in small and medium business, she decided to join her husband in their private business where she is today responsible for organisation and smooth running of processes in one of the largest Croatian health care tourism companies – ICM – Implant Centre Martinko. In PWN today, she is also responsible for events organisation so she managed to combine her passion and what she believes in and she believes in education, cooperation, diversity, helping and having a great time – something she really found in PWN.She danced salsa for a while and today her favourite dance is in the process of creation so her favourite hobby is making her own liqueurs. Give her some plants and fruit and you will get a liqueur. Therefore, in her fridge you will always eggs, butter so she can quickly whisk some pancakes and famous orahovac made by her very own hands. She is an explorer of life beautifies, especially those we fail to see everyday around us while we are doing our ordinary chores. She seeks those (and photographs them usually) while walking with her dog or driving as driving is her meditation and she is in the car very often as she loves to travel. When she was little she loved travelling so much that she wanted to be a stewardess. Even today her eyes sparkle when she boards a plane. If you can catch her in between her travels she will probably be reading a biography or, guess what, a travel book.