Marketing Communication Director

Her name translates into “Hope” in English and hope is one of her main traits. Especially hope in the good, the better and the journey to being your best self. Nada was born in Bosnia, raised in Dalmatia but she found her home in Zagreb where she moved alone when she was only 15 years old to enroll into her dream high school – MIOC. She went on to obtain a bachelor degree at the Faculty of Economics and Business in Zagreb in both finance and marketing but after starting her professional career already as a student, she decided for her true love and finished her Masters in Marketing. 

After more than ten years of professional experience in marketing and brand management as well as brand and communication strategy in companies like Digitel, Hrvatski Telekom, Studio Moderna, Entourage, Five she decided to come back (and forward) to her core – teaching. Today she teaches Marketing, Strategy and Creativity at Algebra University College and is preparing for a PhD in the area of behavioural economics. In addition to that, she runs her own small consultancy working mainly with clients that are her previous employers. She likes to emphasize that because personal integrity is something she believes is most important in business, personal relationships and basically all situations. To her younger self she would once again repeat: “Integrity is the most important thing you have, but it’s going to be tough holding on to it. Don’t worry though, it’s gonna be worth it.”

When she is not trying to make the world a better place with her students and giving her best to make them be their best – she is a mother, wife, friend and likes to kid about it – an artichoke, one of her favourite vegetables. She loves to cook and her husband likes to say they live in a library that smells like a bakery. When she doesn’t cook, she reads. When she doesn’t read, she writes and is currently working on her first book which will be published in 2020. If you come to her home, she’ll make you a soup out of some vegetables of the season and will start a discussion about great writers, artists, directors and poets of our age.

Her motivation to join PWN comes from something already mentioned – a society of equal opportunities matters to her and PWN was the only organisation where she felt her integrity and values shook hands immediately with integrity and values of PWN’s actions and members.